Alain Bertrand’s Top-10 Women of the Year 2013

Women have learned the language of power, an add-on to their emotional fluency and the skills required for the survival of the family–but the cultural rewards for their twin efforts are slim indeed. Thank you Alain Bertrand for your kind thoughts and the honour given to women’s laborious role and functions not because it is minute..but because it is gigantic.

Shab Peerally, Joelle Malecaut, Malala Yousafzai, Roshni Mooneeram, Melinda Gates, Meghna Raghoobar, Stephanie Baumert, Dorine Chukowry, Josie Lebrasse and to all incredible women, my salute 🙂

Through the Islander's Prism

MY TOP 10 WOMEN of  2013

While the curtains fall on 2013, I wish to reiterate my pleasure to list 10 women who have marked my spirits, here in Mauritius. This year, they are 11 to occupy 10 seats. Late, last weeks of 2013’s events have modified what I would have called an ordinary “cru”… an ordinary year. Globally, we mostly watched the awakening of Mauritian women being confirmed. There are healthy signs of them taking the lead with words, interviews and in one case, with silence. From my point of View, Mauritian Women will be decisive in 2014. Their role, in the coming year that could see snap elections being organized during late first semester, will be determinant.

Two foreigners stand in this year’s list. They could both have won the first place.

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