Michaela Harte McAreacey..after two years, a hurdle for the police to go back and re-examine all their failings with all the self-flagellation involved.


Michaela Harte McAreavey, daughter of Mickey Harte, Tyrone GAA boss , what’s the real story ?Director of Public Prosecutions ( DPP ) and Roland Dabeesing,  what’s the real clause ?Bordeaux laboratory and DNA analysis report, what’s the real secret ?

While Mauritian cops want widower to retrace his steps, the principal inspector in this cold case, Roland Dabeesing was thrown out of the investigation and transferred with immediate effect to Rodrigues after these statement: http://www.irishmirror.ie/news/irish-news/mauritian-detective-calls-widower-john-3006692

Mauritius a long lost paradise in all it’s sense


Donal MacIntyre: Murder in Paradise 

Donal Maclntyre and Nicola Tallant, tried to re-examine and piece together the details of the murder of Michaela McAreavey along with criminologist and profiler Professor David Wilson and former Detective Sergeant Alan Bailey.

An investigative media team travelled with cameras to the paradise island of Mauritius to re-examine the case and they claim to have discovered potentially key evidence in the case.

Donal MacIntyre says: “The case of Michaela McAreavey’s brutal murder has never been solved despite there being an unprecedented amount of attention and speculation surrounding it. We’re going to be drilling into the details of the case, the aftermath, the investigation and the court case and asking what lessons can be learned and what options are left to the family and investigators in the future”.

Michaela (27) was found murdered in her hotel room while on honeymoon with her husband John McAreavey (32) in January 2011.

The only daughter of GAA legend Mickey Harte, Michaela tragically returned to her room to collect biscuits when she interrupted a robbery and was brutally murdered.

Journalist Donal MacIntyre spent six months revisiting the events of January 10, 2011, when Michaela was found strangled in a bath in the former Legends Hotel, now Lux Resorts.

And the team spoke to a man who admitted that his DNA may be on the young bride’s face – because he tried to revive her on that fateful day.

Charges against hotel worker Dassen Narayanen (27) were dropped sensationally in March this year. He was the last suspect in the case, accused of giving Michaela’s killer the security card to enter her room.


The charges were dropped as a judge ruled he could not be held on a provisional charge of conspiracy to commit larceny for an “infinite term”.

Mr MacIntyre and his team carefully created a reconstruction of all of the events of the fateful day. They say that this detail will destroy previous accounts of the story and open the possibility of Michaela’s body being exhumed.

Mr Narayanen agreed to talk to the team behind CBS Reality’s Murder In Paradise and admitted that his DNA might be on Michaela’s face as he had touched her cheek.

“You may wonder why Narayanen decided to disclose this,” Mr MacIntyre says.

“He never mentioned it before. Could he be looking ahead? If Michaela is to be exhumed, is he getting in first with an explanation of why his DNA might be found on her?”

Room attendants Avinash Treebhoowoon (32) and Sandip Moneea (43) were found not guilty of her murder last July.

Dassen Narayanen’s fingerprints were on a counterfeit room key in the security office – however he only admitted to helping the other two hotel workers make the copy.


Donal MacIntyre: Murder in Paradise re-examined the evidence using interviews, access to the crime scene and access to new and recently released court case files. The documentary was set out to analyse the evidence, speak to those involved in the case and explore the different viewpoints to highlight why this murder has so far remained unsolved.

The television investigator,  Donal Maclntyre, is furious with the way the case was handled, with swift arrests in Mauritius, two acquittals last year and, to his mind, leading figures in Ireland including Martin McGuinness allegedly jumping on the bandwagon for their own political ends.

“It was an honest verdict delivered by a jury,” claims MacIntyre. “For Martin McGuiness to shout for a retrial, after two innocent men have been acquitted, he’s multiplying the trauma for the family.”

MacIntyre admits he relishes the prospect of playing Colombo, but there’s a campaigner inside him alongside the criminologist. Now there’s speculation that Michaela McAreavey’s body may be exhumed, he’s ready for a long journey…

“I wanted to take the emotion out of the case, campaign on behalf of the innocent where needs be.

Promo of Murder in Paradise: http://vimeo.com/71879572
Extract from Murder in Paradise by  Donal MacIntyre : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=excB_v8XHrE



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