Mauritius’ Independence celebration day.


Mauritius’ Independence celebration day, marks the day when the remote Colony of Mauritius obtained its independence from Great Britain in 1968, became a sovereign nation before turning into a Republic in 1992. The Independence Day ended nearly 200 years of British rule of the island. The first prime minister and architect of independence at that time was the late Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, leader of the Labour Party. On the 12th March 1968, then the British Governor General of Mauritius, Sir John Shaw Rennie, handed the four-coloured flag to SSR. The Mauritian nation was born.

However today, Celebrating our Independence Day seems to be dealt with, with a very low sense of patriotism…

Each time 12th of March rings, four coloured flags flower at each angle and corner of the island… AMAZINGLY though, it is still heartbreaking to see how we all react vis-a-vis our native’s situation; living, social, economical, legal, etc… I’m thus lost, about the real definitions of INDEPENDENCE AND PATRIOTISM, we are getting to celebrate year in year out ! Feel like I’m hanging in limbo, puzzled between the politically correct behaviour and ideology and my own vision and thoughts. Am I doing things right ? Am I feeling the right feel ?

Let’s take Patriotism for instance: The very sound of the word brings to my heart feelings of loyalty. The loyalty I would have for my country and my country’s ideals and path for a better life.. For me, Patriotism is one of the best virtues of men, a noble feeling of the mind. It is said that Motherlands are superior to heavens, and that mothers should be treated as goddesses. This what I believe too.

I therefore implore upon you, Youth of Mauritius, to fight at keeping the flame of patriotism alive. We are the authors of our country’s future. We need to dig deep inside ourselves and find the courage and determination to dream for a greater sense of belonging… A Patriot is immortal !

As for Pride, I reckon, it’s about those who, before me, fought and sacrificed much for the freedom of my beloved country. I love and beg to honor my Motherland each time I can. The high sense of duty towards my homeland and my fellow countrymen, has been inoculated into me since birth.

As I turn the pages of our country’s history, I am inspired by those who stood up, spoke out and fought against those who threatened our country’s integrity and ideals. And today this fight is still going on for the betterment of each and all.

I think about our respectable forefathers who had dreams of a nation that would nurture liberty and justice for all. I can imagine how they gave everything they had… until the single last ounce of strength to make that dream turn into reality. I can picture them waging wars, to their own dimensions, against one of the most powerful empires ( British ) of all time so that they could remain true to their ideals.

Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance. Do not let the ogres eat your souls and throw your bones to dogs, you are worth so much more !

Happy Independence Mauritius


One thought on “Mauritius’ Independence celebration day.

  1. Reblogged this on Anshika Sawaram and commented:

    The time-honored symbol of the Mauritians’ history and ideals: The Mauritian Flag, Our Flag, owned by the people who stand for basic democratic values, mass participation in politics, free speech and civil liberties.

    Since founding the nation, we have more explicitly championed the idea that patriotism means loyalty to a set of principles; ideal principles that not only ask, but demand for dissent, criticism and an actively inquisitive body to challenge those in power who may violate those standards.

    And when a group of conscientious citizens activate this patriotic right to voice an opinion, they embody that nation and can live and breathe the true definition of patriotism, regardless to one’s political or social affiliations.

    It does not matter how you are going to celebrate your patriotism, with salutes or beer or barbecue or visiting memorials, as long as it is recognized and profoundly appreciated for the value and power it holds as a vehicle for social progress rather than a dogmatic commandment for blind nationalism.
    Ultimately, it is these values that define patriotism. And as long as we continue to challenge the betterment of our nation through our association with these philosophies, then together as a nation we can consider ourselves patriotic.

    My salutes to the courage of those who made me proud of being a Mauritian and a real patriot: Jameel Peerally, Alain Bertrand, Cederix Babajee, Havish Gokool, Mervyn Anthony, Ally Lazer, Salim Muthy, Sadien Eddy, Jeff Lingaya, Bizlall Jack, Habib Mosaheb, Hector Tuyau, Vassen Kauppaymuthoo, Zaheer Allam, Tan Yan​, Astrid Souchon​ and many more activists who stand for the right rights and causes.

    Happy 12th March Mauritius

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