Maurice c’est un plaisir; Forgotten but Ever Present Dark Reality

The reality of hundreds and the ignorance of thousands!
    Studying with a group of foreigners and being caught up by every word you drops, leave you in deep embarrassing situation. Describing and analysing the society’s reality of a population of about 1.3 Million, get you weird to unease glances and leaves you nothing to be proud about! The dark Mauritian facet broken into two; one part following and hanging onto the rampant path of economic developments and the other part left to itself struggling in poverty and decay. From illicit trafficking to high rate of drug consumptions, under-age to adult prostitutions, early age offenders, horrible to unexplainable crime scenes, unsolved mysteries (for about more than 10 years time), gangs clashes,corruption in all its colours and shapes, aggravated assaults, high degree rape,rise in larceny (petty to grand), that’s the new trend menu.
    Listening for about 3 and a half hour to your seniors about their astonishments of how come a small population is so messed up, dropped me back to standard 1 kids’ seats and I so wish those concerned could have only 30 mins to bear it! I don’t blame and I won’t either just because DODOs are meant to be DODOs! This shows how much and well our institutions are doing and how far we are modern, knowledgeable and academically to the level! No need to get access to the statistics, (can’t confirm how far they are true), just do your own evaluation.
    Whenever I talk about social boom here, we tend to pay a deaf ear but here’s our reality: If we remain stagnant in the process to achieve “ZERO” tolerance in these matters, we’ll soon witness the doom!