COP21; taking the camera off the crane.

The hypocrisy of COP21, Where the world’s most polluting countries, try to teach others about green practices while bashing some. War strategies, mass killing, mushrooming of their powerful industries outside their territories, exploiting and controlling resources in the name of development of underdeveloped countries…And they gonna teach you; green industry and economy?

Teaching me about climate change in action? Tell me more about your mineral industries in African countries! Tell me a little bit about your green industries on  fossil fuel in Iran, the arctics and sea petroleum platforms? A few words about your paper and wood production in the Amazon? I want to know more about mass death of bees in your crops? A bit more about your crops and farms, any Monsanto or doped animals for large scale production? And yes, what are those white lines in the sky, i heard they call it geoengineering / chem-trails. And please more about the haarp?!
‘Etats d’urgence’ on war against others but complete mute, bashing and big show off at COP21 show !


COP21 KISS MY ASS…from an eco-activist, nature’s lover, a non ignorant, responsible citizen and a youngster !


A lot of cable television is shot on a single camera. Our eyes are more trained to that. It takes the camera off the crane, away from observing the action, to becoming a character in the story along with everyone else. People are getting used to that.

COP21 or not, it’s everyone’s duty towards the unique place we call home! Going green doesn’t only imply about a day show off, big talks and acclamation, it’s about your actions as a citizen on this planet. This is how you will pay your rent to mother earth and how you kids will secure bright future. STOP the big talks and get into action NOW!