When you all fail as a nation, this is what you will reap.

All of a sudden Mauritius is awaken from a long sleep and feels so concern of reality facts of criminal activities. This is the time when, journalism forgets all about what is called a moment of privacy just to sell their cabbage leaves for sensationalism. A sheep society calling upon capital punishment. People being all of a sudden so concerned about social values and morals. Everyone is so shocked, yet I have a sense of deja vu about what happened in Camp de Masque Pave, yet many cold murder cases are still unsolved, yet we are living the social doom and yet the dodos will go back to sleep after a while.

If capital punishment was the answer to all, guess what since long the Mauritian sheepful society would have been extinct. If human rights are the base of all, upon violated one should work his/her butt off to gain back what he violated.

Been four years now that i worked and got merits upon 2 rehabilitation programs based on the Canadian and American soil. Still being a novice, yet my initiatives wasn’t left unheard. Back in 2012, when i was working on my very first mini project to tackle the core issue of domestic violence, the concern ministry turned me down and guess what, this very program is now being implemented in several departments of the Canadian, France and American society.

Nothing to beat the drums about, as my own country fails to the core. Who is to be blamed for ? It’s YOU and me. When you all fail as a nation, this is what you will reap.

However gutted i might be about the sheepy Mauritian society, this time I gonna whip arses to get me loud and clear.


Peace is not guns, grenades, cannons and destruction!

The then and only terrorists are those foreign ‪governments along with their ‪‎military forces poking noses into other nation business.
The atrocities not render public are those committed by so called peace maintaining countries.
Let’s be honest, who are those governments who follow all ‪human right standards? ‪‎UK / ‪US engaging in ‪‎racist killing and barbaric torture of foreign prisoners?, ‪China/ ‪‎Korea where right to information is fully controlled?, ‪‎India where corruption is in all areas? , ‪Israel where killing of innocent ‪Palestinian is a fun game?, ‪Saudi Arabia who wins it all for the most disgusting in regards to human rights respect, Japan, France the puppet of all false flag, Russia, and so on?
Are those baboon governments who gonna stand up for your human rights by overthrowing governments around this ‪‎globe while they terribly fail to have their citizens rights respected?
Stop invading others and clean your mess first!