Mauritius has nothing to do with massive military exercise, dubbed North Thunder.

Here we go again Mauritius and Saudi Arabia shit!
Several international press articles claiming that Mauritius is amongst the participating nations in a massive military exercise launched by Saudi Arabia.
Evidence is clear that Saudi Arabia and the U.S. are NOT fighting for peace…Invading Syria and claiming in the name of ‘ Peace shit’ to get rid of the Syrian president Assad and its legitimate government, destroying the hope of people to have their own state and overthrowing a sovereign nation and intentionally starting WWIII to cover up the inevitable economic collapse. This is Evil !


Showkutally Soodhun who claims to share special ties with Saudi Arabia, can you please answer since when Mauritius, ofer service militer pou bann zafer parey? Bizin koz kreol pou pa gagne honte pou dir ki kan ena dezord dan pei nou soi dizan militer kil parade e.g intervensiyion service de force dan Cité Bois-Marchand.
Who was consulted before such claims came public or should I say international as we hear no such things from our local press?

Can anyone from the government clear this doubt out? Xavier Luc Duval, Roshi Bhadain, Anerood Jugnauth, Etienne Sinatambou. P.S i will be posting on your wall waiting for an answer.

Mauritius has nothing to do with massive military exercise, dubbed North Thunder. Mauritius has always been, is and will continue to be a peaceful island where peace is practice not fought!
We don’t want to get caught in a dirty war which has got nothing to do with Mauritius or our national security.

We have seen the dreadful results of the civil wars in other countries and Mauritius is not to engage itself in dirty acts! THANK YOU !


Due to restriction by Facebook for 8 shares, I wonder why i can no more share this particular post. Maybe it’s classified as too sensitive for knowledge.



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