If this is how you celebrate ‘ Independence day ‘, then Hip Hip Hooray… MAURITIUS

Hip Hip Hooray… Today is the day where the sale of each parcel of this country land is for sale and gift vouchers…’Glory to thee, Motherland,OR motherland of mine’, offers unlimited to foreign contractors be it the sea, beaches, lands, rivers and why not the sea port.

Hip Hip Hooray… Today is the day where your Prime Minister uses no reading glasses upon a successful medical surgery in India. ‘Sweet is thy beauty,
Sweet is thy fragrance’, where thousands countrymen are laboratory rats, where mothers mourn their lost child due to the Mauritian Medical Hub services.

Hip Hip Hooray… Today is the day where hundreds of Mauritians are denied their national holiday due to profit and money making for some private sectors. But don’t worry, ‘Around thee we gather ‘, they will have a national holiday off when France and other countries will be celebrating their national day.

Hip Hooray… Today is the hippocratic day. In 365/366 days, its specialty is where many comes together ‘ As one people, As one nation ‘ and the rest of the 364/365 days, it is a ‘my’ community / religion thing, where you are employed and professionally respected upon the only meritocracy rules of ‘to which political party and views you adhere to.’

Hip Hip Hooray… Today is the day to celebrate liberty, where a vice vice prime minister/ minister value the Mauritius, ‘In peace, justice and liberty’, to be on the target list by participating to international military gathering in the quest of immortality, where an ex prime minister, ex minsters and actual ministers implicated in in legal cases roam free without legal sanctions.

Hip Hip Hooray.. Today, celebrate your independence day, raise your four coloured flag, sing the national anthem loud and keep your right hand near hear and say ‘Beloved country, may God bless thee
For ever and ever.’, where the rich gets richer and the poor dies poorer, where justice is meant only for classy coats, where liberty of expression is a threat, where crime is an everyday thing and where you fail as a nation!



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