A matter of Education, Manners and Reactions.

Education is a mirror of ' What you are ', Manners are indicative of ' Who you really are ', Reactions are measurements of the clash between ' What and Who '. ~ AnshikaSawaram


After all it about LOVE

Whether, HE loves Him, SHE loves Her.. LOVE IS LOVE! Whether, You love me, She loves me , He loves me or I love You, I love Her , I love Him... LOVE is still LOVE!   LOVE knows no sex, LOVE doesn't seek age approval, LOVE doesn't limit itself to gender, LOVE doesn't discriminate …

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Noa Pothoven, Question the WHY rather than HOW!

All the headlines baits about HOW she died, still no one questions about the WHY she died. Everyone is annoyed about the debate of pro-life or not, yet none bestow into the real debate about real laws against rapists, pedophiles, sexual abusers, molestation, sexual violence and harassment. They are horrified by euthanasia laws and self-chosen …

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Pain Acceptance and Management as Painful as the illusions of it.

Sometimes, I just wished I was some kind of a pokemon, so that I could metamorphoses in great shape and scale, whenever my flares spikes! My everyday pain scale is level 4/5, so I would have loved to metamorphose from the small turtle pokemon to the bigger one or at 8 from the little larva …

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‘Notre Dame’ de grande différences. / ‘Our Lady’ of great differences.

Notre Dame de Paris, Notre Dame mer, Notre Dame Mère, Notre Dame les femmes, Notre Dame NATURE, Notre Dame Terre...La différence de `Notre Dame` est vraiment flagrant! Voyez comment les représentations matérialistes dépassent l'humanité et la spiritualité? ------ Notre Dame de Paris ( Our Lady of Paris ), Our Lady Sea, Our Lady Mother, Our …

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Through the black holes.

Much of utopian feelings and enthusiasm for the unknown yet disinclination and dystopian emotions for the known... While everyone is interested in admiring the first camera capture of a black hole of the universe, little seems to care about how a shithole we made life on earth to be... That's what explain the black hole …

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To my valentine Mauritius

Deary  little island.... Hatred leads you down the gutter, Violence chains up the generations, Intolerance deepens the dark, Impulsiveness widens the worst, Silence wounds up your soul. Oh little island sinking down the dark hole... Oh my fellow men in actions... Love Everyday, Every One but not Every Things! Only Love, Acceptance and Warmth, will …

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