Medical cannabis – When politics is more important than life (Mauritian Government)

I don’t favour any political party, I’m not a puppet whose strings are being pulled…I am who I am and I’m not going to please to shut it off.
Medical Cannabis is now a very vital part of my treatment and no one can persuade me the contrary. For all those hundreds of call for help which I’m getting day by day, their agonies should be addressed and taken into consideration.
Medical Cannabis is not a political ticket but an investment along with the upgrading of the whole medical domain; medical assistance and services, medical public relation, infrastructure management, functioning management and investment, ect.
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I admit I never watched or read interviews I gave on ‘ Cannabis nor listened to radio interventions about the same, for the only reason that I know that it won’t change a thing from the past nor that of the near future. And I also don’t hunt at your comments.

Some started to send me messages and some screenshots about so looking for me to fire back. And I don’t want to but right after the first article in L’express followed by the video interview, there were things said that slaughtered my core!

From a policer officer writing ‘ Li rest zis pu donne fess aster. Sa ki pu geri li ‘ , ‘ Laguel ki li ena ek enn sintetik tou pu dress li. sa meme ki li pe rode ‘, ‘ Ta ale zet lekor dow salte. Swa dizan pe tro malad ‘ , ‘ Bez fess ale klinik si pa pe dakor ar nu lopital’ , ‘ Nu governman finn dir non bezz liki ale ress lor lot planet’, ‘ Pe batt dan la tete petass ‘,
to a said political figure and said doctor Junaid Zubair on radio, ‘ Attention sa mamzel la li pe senti trop bien ar canabis medikal ek ki sa se ziss dan so latet.’

Oh NO, I don’t want you to be sad for me nor be angry for these comments. I seriously don’t, cause I’ve reached my limit of handling myself and wounding those scares!

For 8 years, I’ve been a voice out of activism for the sake of the whole. This is my battle as I’ve said to the journalists ‘ Pu enn fwa mo pe fer enn komba pu mwa, non pa pu lezot.’ I cannot fight for both you and me, cause I DON’T HAVE THE STAMINA TO DO SO !

I’m true to myself and to you; I don’t want YOU to stand for me or to fight for me nor favor me in my battle for medical cannabis from which I benefited as an enormous relief. Take the stand for YOU !

I also made my stand clear to journalist friends ; ‘ Cannabis medikal pa kapav regler problem inkompetans ek disfonksiyoneman ki ena dan nu bann lopital, klinik ek ni sanz lespri bann dokter biziness! ‘

It kills me to witness no change. The only things that keeps getting on the records, are cases like Shristi Dowlut ,grandmother of Priya Ragoonath, newborn Alexander Crouche, Anusha Maigha, Luciano Faro, Djabirr Noordaully, Roshan Gooroodyal, newborn of Husna Beekareea and so many more. Some are known for they were disclosed publicly and some are not for the simple reason that they are either not much aware or no more here to testify. And it seems to alarm nobody for it’s not a ‘ Once upon a time ‘ but a monthly tragedy. Maybe it’s your name waiting on the list for it to be the last you’ll hear?

YES I’m way more depressed for the last 6 month. From words of swords to new medical issues, to handling my own illnesses to my severe burns, dealing with emotional struggles to the lost battle against leukemia of the little girl I mentioned in the video and to again so many losing it against the agony of the race of life… I want to lower my guards, drop my weapon and cry as much as my body can handle.

Stop telling me that i’m brave, cause I can’t keep up gathering when it’s over-flooded!
NO, I don’t want you to encourage nor comfort me into bracing myself. Just leave me to myself! It’ll take time but I’ve learn to pick myself up in my own ways to pave the way. Meanwhile keep on celebrating and doing performance speech for ‘ Mental Health Day ‘ and ‘ World Health Day ‘ and enthusiastically dreaming about ‘Mauritius Medical Hub’.

I have backed off from activism for a while, so please don’t put it on ‘ Komba cannabis la bizin avense. To pa kapav rekile! ‘.

In time when I’ll be ok enough to hold back my raw emotions, I’ll share with you but don’t think of it right now. I need my space and time! I’m human too, not your good feeling fairy!

I’ll repeat it once again MEDICAL CANNABIS IS NOT AVAILABLE HERE IN MAURITIUS and its import is still illegal.

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Cannabis; not just a smoking and joint thing.

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CANNABIS, my saviour

I drink, eat, bake, smoke and massage IT…
Because it’s the only thing which boost my immune system during lupus SLE flare times, cures my partial paralysis due to transverse myelitis during flare times, gets my whole blood count to normal, doesn’t piss off my organs…
I’m addicted to IT, as for the past two years now i’m doing great off the 23 big pharma drugs (oral pills, IV drug administration and injections) , for the past 2 years i haven’t gone for blood transfusion as i used to (every 2 weeks in a month), spine, joint and muscular inflammation highly under control, for the past 2 years haven’t had to go for long hospitalisation…

Despite having to deal with two autoimmune disorders ( lupus SLE type and transverse myelitis ) where my immune system is in constant war with itself, cannot offer protection against banal and common infections and affecting gradually each and every of my organs, i feel, live and lead an almost normal life….

In short CANNABIS is my saviour…

If Methadone ( misused as recreational drug ) is the cure to drug addicts, Xanax ( addictive drug ) the cure for anxiety and panic disorders, Opioids including morphine ( narcotic pain medication derived from opium (illegal drug), resin of the opium poppy ) is the cure for acute pain and legal in the Mauritian medical practice… Why is cannabinoids ( found naturally in human metabolism, breast milk and cannabis ) still regarded as illegal in Mauritius and many other countries ?

Well, like it or not… I don’t need advice on this matter from a cigarette smoker, a social or heavy drinker, a big pharma lover and seriously no one coming from an empty barrel.

Stop the hypocrisy..if you don’t need it, I DO and so do some.
Stop being egoistic…if you don’t need a choice, I DO and so do some.

Like it or not…I’M A CANNABIS LOVER…