Nepal Earthquake 2015 Volunteer Relief Mission (Mauritius) video 2

Jameel Peerally in collaboration with SOS PAPA

A group of volunteers along with Jameel Peerally are providing assistance to help people devastated by the magnitude-7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday and days later magnitude 7.4 earthquake near their base camps.

Project Save 100 ,together with International and Nepali volunteers, has brought positive change to over 1000 Nepalis affected by the earthquakes. Up to now progress for relief missions are still on going and as a testimony this is the second video of onsite work which has been carried out by the group since three weeks now.

If ever you missed out our first video, here is the link:

Time is running short as monsoon will soon be here..
In order to address the immediate needs of the affected communities, Please donate to help further for the reconstruction Bhorle village in the Langtang area.

Name of beneficiary: SOS PAPA (Project save 100)
Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)
IBAN: MU31MCBL0901000007050367000MUR

NOTE: Video updates about onsite work will be posted to keep you updated about events and works being undertaken.